Camping Basics

The Troop normally camps the third weekend of the month.

Leave From: Custer Road UMC Parking Lot where Troop trailers are parked
Time: Arrive at departure location by 6:00pm; Scouts depart at 6:30pm (Eat before arriving at the departure location)
Return: Same location as departure; usually between 12:30pm and 1:00pm (unless otherwise informed)
Medicine: Scouts requiring medicine MUST fill out the Medicine Form

Equipment: Personal Gear – see list below

Troop supplies all tents, stoves, lanterns, cooking utensils, and coolers;

Scouts camp with their own patrols

Menu: Scouts cook by patrols.  Patrol leader collects money; One scout serves as the Grubmaster and buys the food; Food items are decided by the patrol.
Gear Transport: Most gear is carried in Troop trailers.  Overflow is carried in personal vehicles.  Pack one small bag or a backpack plus your sleeping bag.  Adult Quartermaster is in charge of the Troop trailers.


Required Optional Not Permitted  


Class A and Class B Uniform*
Sleeping bag
Hiking boots (waterproof)
Warm socks
Warm coat – No Camouflage allowed**
Rain gear – No Camouflage allowed**
Flashlight with extra batteries
First Aid kit with Band-Aids
Mess kit – eating utensils
Towel and soap
Scout Book and Pen
Sleeping Pad
Camera & Film
Personal toiletries
Book or magazine
Picket knife***
Plastic Bag
Electronics of any type
Personal food of any type
Fire arms
Projectiles of any type
Aerosol Cans
Sheath knives
* Class A uniform must be worn to campground and on the return trip.  Class B uniform may worn at all other times.
** Boy Scout National Policy does not permit camouflage clothing of any type
*** No scout can carry any size knife without having earned his Tote ‘N Chip card

Printable Monthly Campout FAQs

Summer Camp usually requires additional gear.  Recommended summer camp packing list.