Eagle Court of Honor Backdater

One of the most popular features of The Eagle Court of Honor Book is the court of honor backdater, which helps you set deadlines for all the things that need to happen before (and after) your ceremony based on the date you've selected.

This page features an interactive version of that tool, customized for T25. To use it, simply enter the court of honor date and click Submit. You can then print out the backdater and fill in assignments. 

Enter Court of Honor Date (MM/DD/YYYY):   

Weeks Date Action Notes
-6 Board of review is held.  
-6 Choose 2-3 dates and request Church from Bernard Patak.  
-6 Contact ECOH coordinator  
-6 Order invitations.  
-5 Develop invitation list.  
-5 Get mailing labels from Advancement Chair  
-5 Begin promoting the event within the troop.  
-4 Order needed supplies from council (awards, program covers)  
-4 Order plaques and other recognition items.  
-4 Solicit congratulatory letters from public officials and others.  
-4 Flesh out program and prepare script.  
-3 Mail invitations.  
-3 Recruit master of ceremonies and presenters.  
-3 Distribute scripts to presenters.  
-2 Order refreshments.  
-2 Visit court-of-honor location to check facilities.  
-2 Have programs printed.  
-2 Mail press release(s) – include black-and-white photo.  
-2 Call troop families to promote.  
-1 Gather all necessary materials, props, awards, etc. (Check closet)  
Days Date Action Notes
-2 Confirm attendance of all presenters.  
0 Set up and decorate room.  
0 Check all audio-visual equipment (microphones, projectors, etc.).  
0 Make sure all awards and other props are in place.  
0 Reserve seats for presenters, the honoree, and his family.  
0 Position greeters at the door(s) to hand out programs.  
0 Check with all presenters one last time  
+1 Send thank-you notes.  
+3 Send write-up (with pictures) to newspapers.  
+5 Evaluate the event and make notes for next time. -give to Advancement Chair