Info for New Scouts and Parents

How to Register

New scouts are welcome at any time of the year although Webelos generally join during the recruiting season and start participating in troop activities after the annual district crossover ceremony. The requirements for joining Boy Scouting are:

  • At least 11 years old or
  • Completed the fifth grade or
  • Earned the Arrow of Light and been a 2nd year Webelos for six months and
  • NOT had his 18th birthday.

To join Troop 25, scouts must complete a BSA Youth application as well as the following forms and turn in to the Troop Secretary with a check for $120.00 in annual dues (dues are prorated by quarter for scouts joining after the first quarter):

  • Registration Checklist
  • BSA Med Forms (Parts A and B – 3 copies)*
  • Medical Insurance Card (3 copies; front and back)
  • Campout Med Form (3 copies)
  • Creek Cleanup Hold Harmless Form
  • Discipline Policy
  • Family Information Sheet
    * Part C of the BSA Med Form is only required for summer or winter camp attendees


Troop 25 meets every Monday night from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Custer Road United Methodist Church except PISD school holidays and on Mondays following a campout. A Patrol Leader’s Council (PLC) Meeting is held on the Mondays after campouts.


Church Rules

Custer Road United Methodist Church sponsors BSA Troop 25. The Church gives us a place for all of our meetings. These meetings include Monday Night meetings, PLC Training, Courts of Honors and scoutmaster meetings. The church assigns us rooms for these meetings. The rooms assigned for Monday nights are fellowship hall A & B. We can use some of the Sunday school class rooms in the back hallway starting with room B109, if we have a need. The rooms for all of the other meetings are assigned as we request the rooms.

When we are at the church for Boy Scouts that is the only reason we are there. Even if a scout in Troop 25 is a member of the church he is only there for Boy Scouts. The rooms listed above are the only rooms we will be in on Monday nights. All other areas of the church are off limits. The same goes for the other meetings, all areas of the church except for the assigned rooms are off limits. On Monday nights if a scout needs to use a rest room he needs to use the restroom across the hall from B109.

For our Monday night meetings the only entrance we should use is the double doors that lead from the parking lot to the chapel. We should never see anyone coming down any of the other stairways to the bottom floor.

All adults are asked to keep an eye out for anyone not in the assigned area and to direct them back to the area if needed.  Only use the rooms assigned to us and the stairway leading to those rooms.



Troop 25 generally camps once a month on the third weekend of the month. Parents are always welcome, moms included, although all adults camp together and not with their scout. Regular adult attendees are required to be registered with BSA and have youth protection training. Campouts meet at 6 p.m. on Friday in the CRUMC parking lot (Across Custer from the church) and depart at 6:30 p.m. Return is between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. On occasion, distance may alter these times but will be announced.


Campout Meds – Check In Procedure

No scout may have medications with him at anytime during a campout EXCEPT a rescue inhaler or Epi-pen. If a scout requires medication during a campout, a parent must present the medications to the Troop medic at the parking lot before departure. In addition, the Campout Med Form must also be completed and brought to the parking lot before departure.
Please have ALL medicines (over the counter and prescribed) along with the Campout Med Form with you. When you get to the parking lot, you will sign your scout in for “Med Call” (on a copy of the “3-day check” attached). This will be kept with the T25 Medic. Each scout’s meds will be stored in a large ziploc bag with a sheet protectors for the form. The medications will then be locked in a box and kept with the medic.

Your scout must know when he will be taking his medications and any special instructions. The medic is not allowed to give him any meds…only hand your scout his Ziploc. The medic may read labels or refer to the “medform” but that is all. Your scout’s name will not be called. Only a general “Breakfast med call”, “lunch med call” etc. will be made. This is done for privacy reasons.



The Troop holds an annual greenery and popcorn fundraiser each fall. The proceeds of this fundraiser are used to maintain the Troop’s camping equipment and all scouts are expected to achieve at least $250 in sales. For each Scout that participates in the fundraiser and exceeds $250, a portion of the profit from his sales will go into his Scout account that he can use for big item events like Summer Camp and High adventure camps. Scouts who elect not to participate will be asked to contribute $75.00 to the Troop in lieu of fundraising before rechartering for the following the year.


Summer Camp

All scouts are encouraged to attend summer camp. This camp is one week (Sunday to Saturday). The Troop traditionally goes out of state one year and locally the next. Cost is about $195 (additional $150-200 for bus when out of state). New scouts work on Trail to First Class which fulfills requirements for lower ranks. Older scouts work on merit badges. Some camps offer a high adventure program for scouts that are 14 years and older.


Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster

The scoutmaster (SM) and assistant scoutmasters (ASM) are adults who most directly work with the boys. They do not lead but advise and direct the boy leadership. A parent is required to be active in the troop a minimum of six months and have completed Scoutmaster Specific and Outdoor Leadership Training before they will be considered for the position of assistant scoutmaster by the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster must be approved by the church.


Troop Committee

The committee is composed of adults who work with the Scoutmasters on policies, obtain and maintain troop equipment, recruit new adult leadership, provide budget and funding, maintain records, conduct boards of review, and provide logistical support for the troop. All parents are welcome to attend committee meetings.



Class “A”

Troop 25 is a full Class A uniform troop. It is required at the following:

  • All Monday night meetings
  • Travel to and from activities
  • Scoutmaster Conferences
  • Boards of Review
  • Courts of Honor
  • Flag Ceremonies

Our Class “A” uniform includes a Boy Scout khaki shirt with all patches (leadership position, troop # with years, patrol) and current rank up to date and properly placed (see Boy Scout Handbook). Green Boy Scout pants or shorts with BSA socks. Troop 25 hat. A scout belt and closed-toe shoes complete the uniform.
Class “B”

During the summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day), Class “B” is allowed at troop meetings. A Troop 25 t-shirt is substituted for the khaki scout shirt. This is the uniform worn during most activities during campouts and summer camp, but not while traveling or at flag ceremonies.