Troop Handbook

Welcome to Troop 25. Troop 25 is a boy-led troop with an active outdoor program. It is the adults’ goal to provide a safe, positive, and fun environment for boys to learn new skills and grow in leadership.

Our chartering organization is Custer Road United Methodist Church. Our program follows the three aims of Boy Scouts of America:

  • Build Character
  • Foster Citizenship
  • Develop Physical Fitness
  • Have Fun

Some questions often asked by new parents and scouts are:

Is Boy Scouts different than Cub Scouts?
Totally. The boys are the leaders, approve advancement requirements, and run meetings. Your son is expected to tell you what is going on now.

What is the parent’s role?
You are the major support. Keep track of his progress. Ask where the campouts are. Drive him to the events. Help in the troop. But – you can’t sign his book anymore.